SEO – Search Engine Optimization

“ A pair of eyes attached to a human brain can quickly make sense of the content presented on a web page and decide whether it has the answer it is looking for or not in ways that a computer can’t. Until now. “

David Amerland

Very important is that an internet web site is found by the search engines, this can be however most of the people notice the data they have. WHO would not need that web site or to be the primary during a list of search on the internet?

Search engine optimization includes choosing a right domain name, analysis of competing sites. advice for choosing the right keywords, laying down appropriate page title, description, create META tags (title, description, keywords, etc.), image ALT attributes, use tags h1, h2, h3, keyword density analysis in pages, optimizing for the most important browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, etc), site structure optimization, create XML site map and sign up at Google, for a quick indexing of pages site, content optimization, XHTML/CSS Valid

Being a very good web promoting technique, SEO helps to make sure that a web site is accessible to a quest engine and improves the probabilities that the positioning are found by plenty of visitors.

Website promotion

A good net promotion implies that your web site is among the primary in an exceedingly Yahoo, Google, MSN search (these area unit thought- about the foremost vital search engines on the Internet). This may sure as shooting increase the amount of visitors which may have an interest in your services and merchandise, thus, can increase your sales.

If your web site won’t be listed among the primary in an exceedingly net search, then those lookiing for your services or merchandise, can become the purchasers of your competitors, higher stratified on the search engines. Website promotion may be a method which will take from one month to one year, betting on the keywords and competition within the sector you wish.

Most web users use search engine Google. They make a come back from the primary page after you explore for a website by key word you would like. Thus, it’s essential that your website to rank within the prime positions in Google home page for your most vital keywords within the site.

Website promotion involves manual registration in search engines, internet directories and to extend foreign web site quality, one PR-page rank, building links to your web site, web site promotion on Facebook or Youtube promotion through the positioning.

Website promotion in Google is as follows: promotion in Google – organic search, promotion in Google – the sponsored links Google Adwords (right column or above organic search), promotion in Google Display network, promotion on Youtube. promotion on Facebook, promotion on the internet through web directories free – registration free, promotion on the internet, on sites of homes for sale.