Professional Logo Design
Flyers, Business Cards
Vectorial design
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Logo Design

The logo of the company makes its visual identity. It will be in all its official documents, on the website, on the business cards, or in any flyers about the company.

Corporate identity - The visual representation of an organization, including its logo, design, typefaces and colours, as well as its philosophy. The corporate design made by us is wholesome and unique, and will convey a favorable image of your company.

From time to time or for some special events, the company needs a new look for the business cards, a spectacular design for a paper case presenting the company, design for the flyers or models/maquette.

Vectorial design - The advantage of this type of image is that it can be scaled and the quality is the same.


Static HTML websites, dynamic PHP websites
Re-design website
Website maintenance
Project 04

Web Design

Web Design is a service associated with the creation of websites.

The quality and unicity of the website template it is very important.. The graphic layout takes into account a future step in the development of the website.

The pages created just with HTML language are static. In order for you to interact with your visitors, you can use dynamic web pages.

It's well known that the search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN,etc) don't search in Flash, so a full Flash website won't have a top position in the searches after a keyword


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Flash Animations
Web banners, Flash Banners, GIF Banners
CD Multimedia, DVD Multimedia
Project 04

Flash Design

A Flash animation is an animated film which is created using Adobe Flash animation software and often distributed in the *.swf file format.

It can be created in Flash or with other programs capable of writing *.swf files. Such a powerful visual Flash presentation can be made on CD or included in one of the pages of the website.

A web banner or banner ad is a form of advertising on the Internet.

Banners can be integrated in websites or portals.


Web programming
Online Store
Website maintenance
Project 04

Web Programming

A CMS - The Content Management of the Site is necessary to keep the site up to date. Through this CMS, you can add, delete and modify data in your site.

An online shop will help you increase your sales. No sellers and stocks, opened 24/24 hours, accessible from anywhere and any person with access to the internet.


Search Engine Optimization
Website promotion
Online Marketing
Project 04

Search Engine Optimization

Being a very good web promoting technique, SEO helps to make sure that a web site is accessible to a quest engine and improves the probabilities that the positioning are found by plenty of visitors.

A good net promotion implies that your web site is among the primary in an exceedingly Yahoo, Google, MSN search (these area unit thought-about the foremost vital search engines on the Internet).

Very important is that a web site can be found by the search engines, this is how most people find the information they need. Who wouldn't want that website or to be the first in a list of search on the internet?


Project 04



Carmen Fine Art Design Studio
Digital Art
Project 04

Digital Art

The computer graphics code program uses a virtual canvas and virtual painting box of brushes, colours and different provides. The virtual box contains several instruments that don't exist outside the pc, associated that provides a digital design a distinct look and feel from an design that's created the normal means.

A graphics pill and a stylus permits the creator to figure with precise hand movements simulating a true pen and drawing surface, whereas alternative programms developed for fingerpainting directly on the screen.

While digital painting permits the creative person the convenience of operating in associate organized, mess-free atmosphere, some argue there'll continually be a lot of management for associate creative person holding a physical brush in their hand.